Eating Habits of an 8 year old

Observing children’s habits of any kind can be an interesting journey to say the least. Being a parent, I can say I have more than some experience in this arena.
Whether you’re a parent or not, you’ve surely caught yourself saying, “If/When this happens, my child will be this way.” Such as, “My girl won’t act like that about video games or sugar.” This usually comes from someone who either doesn’t have children, or is only a year or two in. “We’re going to be vegan, no television or refined sugar!”
After many years on this planet I’ve learned that vegan babies wind up dead. And children that are completely left out of our culture, wind up out of control later on in life for those things that they were kept away from. This happens time and time again, it only takes observation and nothing else.
The best I’ve been able to do is lead by example and put in front of them the best I can. Let them work out their own path, with moderation. Here we find Tiny E’s dinner plate, he wanted the center of the pork chop, some rice and a few beans. Since he didn’t want to finish his beans, he offered to eat 2 bananas. I can live with that.
For his effort, he got to have a wine goblet filled with jello he made 2 nights ago.
For me, this is success to the greatest degree. I love my life, and what I’ve done to it.
xo, Biggles

11 thoughts on “Eating Habits of an 8 year old

  1. Hey Michelle,
    Absolutely! Man, they were so perfect. The pork pulled apart like tender beef roast, rich & juicy. The brown rice was cooked with chicken broth and a few lumps of butter, so aromatic and wonderful.

  2. I had some weird eating habits when I was a lil’ punk.
    Pretzels and Root Beer were a favorite combo. Both as food and for the cross eyed, whiplash inducing belches I’d unleash afterward.

  3. You are way ahead of the game, Dad-wise (emphasis on “wise”). I wish more parents were as realistic as you. I cringe when I recall some of the food my kids ate — but at least they ate. And you’re so right about the no-tv, restricted diet attitude. One of my daughter’s friends used to come to our house and chug half-and-half out of the carton when I wasn’t looking, and scarf butter: just butter. Her mom had her on fat-free everything from the time she was weaned. You’re keeping an eye on the intake of good stuff and that’s important. Let the rest fly by and everything will level out eventually.

  4. You’re ‘way ahead of the game just by what’s on the plate – it could be all prepared foods but you cooked real food for him. I like your Dadness.

  5. You did good. Lucky kid. Lucky you. Just had the jello converation with my son (who is 30 years old), but always calls his mama when he has a belly ache.

  6. I do hope your vegan babies statement was just an exaggeration. Some of the people I know surely wouldn’t like to be considered dead.

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