Huge Moon

Hi Everbody!
We’re still alive here at Meathenge Labs, just recouping after the holidays and basically being lazy as gosh. *-SNORE-*
As many of you know, the last few nights have produced an amazing full moon, just as it first popped up on the Eastern horizon. Per usual, I was 20 minutes late and didn’t get the detail I was looking for. Even with a tripod & circular polarizer, feh. Dumb moon picture. It was most spectacular live though, that was amazing and worth the effort. This would be walking out the back door and standing there like a loon with slippers on.
xo, Biggles

9 thoughts on “Huge Moon

  1. Dear Slippered Loon — Thanks for the moon shot. I was so happy to have the skies clear enough to see it, over the last couple of nights. When I got up very early this morning for water, my whole back yard was bathed in silver light (that glinted off the frosty roof of the house behind mine). Wintry pleasure.

  2. Hey! That looks just like the moon over MY house!
    Heh… nice looking picture. I need to work on my photo skills… they’re maddeningly mediocre.

  3. Hi Kudzu! Hi Cookie! Hi Kailyn! Hi Jeff!
    Hey Jeff, all it takes is a lot of practice, notes and more practice. Just get out there and do it.
    xo, Biggles

  4. That’s the same moon that showed its face after the sky dropped 8 inches of snow over Detroit. And I celebrated it with a perfectly fall-off-the bone slab of baby-backs.
    Tonight the moon was golden and clouded by a nice haze of crystallized fog. It deserved the 1.5 inch boneless ribeye that I charred to a nice medium rare.
    The moon–what a seductive muse.

  5. Moon …so very breathtaking… the rock in the mind/sky… makes want to sleep outside…getting warmer…won’t be long!
    practice makes perfect…

  6. I like Mac’s idea of sleeping outside when the moon is like this and the weather is so lovely as it was today! Maybe I’ll drag my mattress out onto the deck!