Hotty Meaty Appetizers

Easter, the aftermath. While I did state that I felt such gatherings were more for the people and the love versus attempting something new in the kitchen. I didn’t mean we were going to feast upon crud.
Initially, I was going to grill. It’s a simple way to add flavor and ease to a day of merriment. But after reviewing what I had in the fridge, it wasn’t a match. I had a large beef tri-tip, a decent pork sirloin roast, a Fatted Calf stuffed country-style pork rib roast, pork steaks and Fatted Calf bacon. If I were to grill, it would mean a lot of tending to the little darlings to make sure it all came out right. If I fired up the smoker I would receive a far better result with tons less effort.
Considering how lazy I am, the smoker was clearly the way to go.
The job got done, perfectly. What I’d forgot was the fact that my family is in dear love with the Hot Sauce. I remembered this when I brought out a dozen little bottle of sauce for the wonderful pasta salad my sister made. I sliced up the smoked pork steaks, and applied various sauces and offered them as they were. It was perfect! Such a treat, very well received. All the depth of the sauces with the smoked pork marinated in salt was a perfect match.
Crackers are great, but can’t hold a candle to smoked meat. This will continue.
xo, Biggles
ps – Here is the rest of the story for Easter 2009.

7 thoughts on “Hotty Meaty Appetizers

  1. MMMM Pork!
    Hey Biggles, ever make your own hot sauce? I tried last year and had major system failure…I’ll do it again this year cause I don’t know what else to do with those 50 little bottles I bought for it!

  2. BTW,
    What is in that lovely pasta salad thing pic?
    I could go a bit of that, I love my salads and my pasta.
    I see artichokes and (obviously) pasta, but there seems to be something else going on in there.

  3. Hey Tommy,
    I set out a few times and it came out more of a salsa, then I picked my nose. Maybe soon, again, me try.
    Hey Mike,
    That pasta salad was so good I had two large portions. There was capers in there and some green olives. Not the kind with the pimento, not as salty or briney. I’d eat that again for sure. My sister just tossed a bunch of things together, she’s good that way.
    There might have been the sesame, cain’t remember.

  4. Well, using luscious pork would avoid the problems I have with my
    allergic son (who really is, honest, allergic to wheat). And I would adore picking at those saucy strips, myself. It’s fun to play around with various versions of sauce; amazing how many different degrees of heat and levels of flavor you can find. Thanks!