94 in the kitchen yesterday? Move it outside!

Oh goodness me! Listen up, I pay a lot of money to live here, own a home in the San Francisco Bay Area. It rarely gets above 75 or below 40, this is how it is. Oh sure, we get a freeze now and then, maybe a few times it gets up in to the 90’s. I love my fog, fresh bay breeze and anything after that. What I don’t like is huge, nasty, bucktoothed HEAT.
And brother, or sister, that’s what we’ve had in the last few days. Yesterday at around 4pm it was 94 just outside my kitchen. It dropped to 86 soon enough, but when I was actually cooking dinner for the boys, the kitchen leveled out at 92. I only spent nearly 2 hours in there cooking & cleaning, so it wasn’t too bad. Gah!
This is not okay and planned on a different menu plan for Tuesday, tonight!
Chilebrown of Mad Meat Genius sold me a badass propane stove a few years back, so I brought that out. Fired up the grill with some mesquite and hickory chips. The menu? Pork chops, beef burgers, mashed taters with a finish of corn on the cob.
Such a treat for the whole family. It was as though we were out camping in the wilds of Montana, sorta. Everyone got involved in making it go and had a great time. The indoor kitchen was ignored and the outdoor was enjoyed. LOVE !!!
If you’d like to see the rest of the story, please visit here and see Too hot, cook outside, everything!

5 thoughts on “94 in the kitchen yesterday? Move it outside!

  1. Ditto living oven temp in Sonoma County! Oh my!
    No cooking here. Absolutely not. Barely able to put together a huge CA garden salad with everything in it but the bbq stand! AC ramping full blast. Went out to toss the trass a few mins ago and almost fell over it was so hot, still, at 8:30pm. Whoa, I’m confused. Is this Nor-Cal or did the planet do a 180 out and drop us in the Gobi time zone!
    I see budding liquid amber trees so I guess we’re really in Nor-Cal. Maybe the Army is experimenting again.
    Pork chops sound sooooooooo good. But have to be content with a no cook dinner tonight. Cheers and keep on bbq’ing!

  2. This is why I am looking forward to moving — the idea of outdoor cooking. I am sitting in my apartment currently with only the computer screen and the TV screen for light because the idea of turning on lights that may add more heat just scares me.

  3. That propane stove is great for taking the heat out of the kitchen. That stove has also been to a lot of Raider Games.
    It is supposed to rain Saturday, Just in time for Joey Chestnut to reclaim his throne at the Asparagus Festival.

  4. Wow. That’s hot for April. I’m looking forward to using my new butane cooktop for canning later this summer — who wants to be indoors with pots of boiling water in late August?!