Winter is clearly over, time for the fresh bounty of spring!

Spring is everywhere, Cookiecrumb of I’m Mad and I Eat is in full swing with light soups and green garlic. The farmer’s markets are absolutely over-flowing with everything from the garden. It’s time to take advantage of the season’s bounty, face first. Eh?
Bah. I’m not done with winter yet.
I had a pork shoulder roast in the fridge that really needed to have something loverly done to it. I got it from Ted at Highland Hills Ranch at the Berkeley Farmer’s market, high quality pork!
And by high quality, I mean he raises his own animals and brings them to market. Heritage breed stuff with nothing added and fed right.
And then? I realized it was Wednesday and I was going to be on the road picking up the boy in an hour, not back for way over an hour and by then it would be nearly 5pm. Whatever it was I had to do, it had to be done now. It’d take this little beauty hours and hours of slow roasting time. Oil, Survival Spice, a sliced white onion and 5 cloves of whole garlic. Installed to a cold oven set to 300 degrees in a water soaked clay oven.
Know what? It ain’t done yet. Why did I bother posting this? The smell coming from the kitchen is an absolute delight! Spring? Bring it on, but I’m dragging my comfort food in one hand and a club in the other this year. Nyah.
ps – As Tommy of Tommy’s Kitchen requested, here are the results!
There was tons of juicy liquid only from the meat & onions. It was exceptionally rich and turned my eyes skyward.
When the meat reached 200, I pulled it. Both Z and I tore in to this within minutes, sometimes he’s picky about what he eats. Not this time, no sir. It was everything we smelled for a few hours and more.

10 thoughts on “Winter is clearly over, time for the fresh bounty of spring!

  1. Hollee moly! The house smells GREAT !!! After 2.5 hours I jacked it to 350. The meat had its time to warm up and soften, a little more heat won’t hurt it. Especially bathed in the glory of those sliced onions! I’m dyin’ !!!

  2. I totally know what you’re talking about.
    We had a delicious bowl of guacamole yesterday. Tastiest roadside sale stand of pookie little babies from southern California.
    Let the seasons do their thing. We’ll deal.

  3. What does Ted feed his hogs? My dad and I had a long conversation the other day about when his dad, the hog farmer, was still alive. Apparently my grandfather and his sons would slaughter and butcher a hog themselves and then cook up the various parts for the 4th of July. My dad never realized that during my numerous summers there when I was growing up that it was my job to go to the pens with the slop bucket each evening.

  4. Oh I totally agree about the change of seasons being bittersweet for exactly this reason! Next time you’ve got a beautiful shoulder kicking around give David Chang’s Bo Ssam recipe a try. Delicious.