Applying the Sauce

Yeah, yeah, barbecue sauce just covers up badly cooked meat. Not in this house! The sauce is good and is revered. So, if one is going to sauce the meat, how does it go?
Brushing sauce is for wimps. You need to submerse the meat in the sauce and caramelize it over the grill about 3 to 5 times! It’s gentle, it’s wonderful. Here you find chicken parts marinated in a cuban lime action, grilled over mesquite with hickory love. Dredged through the sauce a few times and served!
Here is the rest of the day:
xo, Biggles

8 thoughts on “Applying the Sauce

  1. Hey there, Household! A mighty Happy Birthday to Eli! I knew him before he was born!
    Now, he is 9!
    Where did the time go! Eli looks healthy, happy and very boy! Nice job, Biggs! How does Bro Zak take his younger sib these days–with a grain of salt?
    Love your serenade on marinade. How delicious to brew the meat in sauce. Seems absolutely right on!

  2. Hey Chile B,
    All Eli can say is, “BACON !!!”.
    Hi Babs,
    Um, they’re brothers. So, it is a bittersweet situatino, ya know? They need some time apart, then? Time together.
    xo, Biggles

  3. Birthdays, Smoked Bacon, Mesquite – Sounds like the perfect weekend.
    The big question is how many Wet-Naps were used after the Chicken was eaten??? I probaby wouldn’t have much skin showing on my face after chowing down on those…Looks Yummy!

  4. Hey Tommy,
    Plenty of nappy kins for sure, it was really good and I haven’t made “My Sauce” in more than a few years. It was really nice!
    Yeah huh. A few weeks ago paid a visit to Crazy Z’s high school, cause that’s where he’s going next year! Dang.
    xo, Biggles