Napa Valley Blow By

Hi Everyone,
Oh where do the time go? I miss you guys and think about you on a daily basis. The daily doings here are just that, the same ol’. Big D and I haven’t been going out to lunch, so no new local places to review. Weekday versus Weekend meals couldn’t possibly be any more repetitive. This isn’t to say they’re not lip-smackingly delightful, but stuff I’ve posted here over and over. How many times do you really want to hear about a roast of pork sirloin? I don’t mind eating it, that’s for sure! We’re here and doing just fine, nothing post worthy has slithered past my eye nuts. Eye nuts. Really? Eye nuts? I just made that up, just in case you were wondering.
On Sunday, while going through my images I ran across the above. I never ended up posting it and thought it would be nice for today. I took this last Fall up in Calistoga while visiting a friend. Early Sunday morning, Jeffrey and I got up and headed out to see what kind of light we could hunt & kill.
The conversation meandered to our mutual friend Jack. Jack and I were roommates back in 1985 and it was clear his camera was a tool and nothing more. He’s an artist, the camera is only there to capture what his eye sees. At every turn you’d find Jack hanging out of, from just about anything. The entire time the zoom was being pushed in or out while jumping up and down or running. And sure enough, Jack would mention, “I think my camera is broke.” Jeffrey responded with a, “NO SHIT !”.
I was pondering through those times early Sunday morning while I set my camera. Manual focus, set lens to maybe 20 some odd feet out. Shutter priority to something dreadfully slow. Hung the lens out the window and grabbed this one. And get this, it came out of the camera like that. Go head, click on it for a little larger one. Just like that, POW. I did jack the contrast just a tad, but nothing else. Some day, this sucker is going on my wall.
xo, Biggles
ps – I found a few more that I took that weekend and put them up on my flickr page.

6 thoughts on “Napa Valley Blow By

  1. Great shot! You should have it enlarged really big and framed. Have them print it on canvas, too. Beautiful.

  2. Nice shot Biggs….like your thoughts. I will for sure get back down to Ethel’s now that it sold and do new review. Glad I got there a few times while she ran the joint.

  3. Hey man ~ that looks like a “van go” style of image! Excellent use of just letting things happen. I will consider the reflections of times spent with Jack, Jeffery and mentioning of me as a wonderful birthday present from the good Dr. Biggles!
    Big D

  4. Hi Everyone and happy birthday to Big D!
    Yeah, thank you all. I really like it too, I can hardly wait to shop for a frame & matting. I’m so excited!