Mign Shatje – when a big brother steps in

Please read my lengthy prose, I do have a point to it.
I met my little sister when she was born. I remember bringing her home from the hospital in our new 1968 VW camper bus, no selt belts. I remember holding her in my arms as we made our way back home, she got passed around, it was pretty awesome.
Over the years we didn’t get along very well. In fact, I was pretty evil and she was very ingenious about being antagonistic. Even as teenagers, the love wasn’t there (on my part) and I was old enough to move out and do my own thing. After some time and having close friends knock me around some, I knew she loved me, and I have to admit I loved her too. But it wasn’t the time or place to settle such things. We enjoyed out time and/or place, for the most part, as best we could.
As we aged and mellowed a tad, we’ve had great fun together, sharing with each other. I introduced her to computers, and she let me in the door at 1am to show her how to play Steam Roller. This is a game where you’ve been sound asleep for a few hours, and some assailant jumps in to bed with you and rolls over you, repeatedly. Then, they grab a cardboard box and make a sled to use as vehicle to get from your upper apartment to street level. At 1am. Ain’t she just the best to put up with me?
Yes, she is.
To make a long story short, this woman has always been one of those artists that we only dream of being. Her pencil, charcoal to digital artwork has been online and published in many formats for over 20 years.
What happens then? You get plagiarized. Tee hee, this something I’ve only dreamed about.
How many times have you been to a web site or visited a blog of some sort and the author is complaining of plagiarism, content scraping or something related? Nearly every day right?
But in those instances, how many of them are collecting $1000.00 a print, getting magazine articles, praise from every angle all based upon your artwork? Not many I would think. But this is the case for my little sister.
My little sister’s artwork is being plagiarized to the point where this woman is collecting thousands of dollars and garnering tons of praise for something she digitally traced and added some vector graphics to. You do need to know my sister isn’t the only victim of this crime, she isn’t the only one.
If you’d like to see the comparison of my sister’s artwork versus what this woman selling, please take a gander, mijn schatje & blastmilk comparisons.
xo, Biggles
ps – We are looking for legal ways to handle this situation. If you have solid, concrete knowledge, please let me know. The woman is in Paris, France and we’re in the states. Ultimately, we really want her to stop stealing other artist’s work and profiting from it. A little shame wouldn’t hurt either.
ppssspssspes – Above all, we must keep this civil.

9 thoughts on “Mign Shatje – when a big brother steps in

  1. If and when you find her, I think she might enjoy a bit of convection INSIDE the Orion cooker. Won’t fit? Chop her up, like any other meat.

  2. Man, foodies are ROUGH! Please don’t go all “Parents” on us. We must keep the discussion civil.
    You are the most awesome brother on the planet. *I’ve* always known that, its just *you* who took awhile to figure it out :p
    Thank you for posting, that was very cool.
    P.S. her name is Mijn Schatje… crazy Dutch!

  3. That stinks.
    There is an organization called “California Lawyers for the Arts” here in San Francisco. Your sister can get a $20-$35, 1/2 hour consultation with an attorney who can advise her on whether or not she has a case. After that, I’m sure it’s on a paid basis, but if you can get a settlement from the woman in Paris, perhaps the lawyer will do it on a contingency basis? http://www.calawyersforthearts.org/legalservices.html
    Hope this helps.

  4. Since this woman (as of the 2nd) has admitted using the photos and “assumed” she had permission AND used them prior to getting this “assumed” permission, I’d say, yeah, your sister has a case (and good big brother for pleading her cause).

  5. HI! All (missed replying(poor arm!)!)
    My arm has been in a above the elbow cast for 9 weeks. I’ve regressed to a forearm club….all fear me! (Hellgirl!)
    This is a complex question.
    First I would ask if K. had prior permission from the dolly makers to take and release the photos of their property in public space. (This could grant her some ownership of the image)
    Second is their property considered individual art or commercial art. This would make a difference.
    Otherwise she may be seen to have done just what she is claiming this artist has done (taking form that doesn’t belong to her), but in a non-commercial venue.
    She probably doesn’t own these images.
    In the PO PO PO MO world the new ART is NEW.
    The changes (in this artists stuff) are more than enough to create individuality.
    as a photo making person …..always ask permission !
    You don’t always own the photograph

  6. Oh, yah. Always a problem. A recent high profile case involves the original photographer who took the pic of Obama that was refigured by another individual and made a specialty feature of TIME mag among others. But, all that aside, I have seen other forms of artwork your sis has created and I have been in some awe at her results!

  7. Wow, that’s really [messed] up. Since my foray back into the world of education, the crime of plagiarism has been drilled into my head. I’m currently overseeing a group paper and having to get on my teammates for improper (or no) citations. They’re not doing it on purpose, like the Dutch faux-master though.
    People who steal suck. Good luck with the case.