A Tuesday evening, what’s in your smoker?

Been spending some time on the net reading what others are up to, mostly it seems to be “The Heat” and or humidity. Or at least it seems that way to me, mostly because it’s 66 degrees with fresh ocean breezes here near the bay.
Even though it’s a work week, there’s plenty of time in the evening to stoke up the smoker for a short little jaunt through smoked fowl land. Today we have smoked game hens from Diablo Foods in Lafayette. I can’t remember where they were raised, but it sure as hell has nothing to do with the major players usually available (read: I paid dearly).
Rubbed with butter, salted and trussed up to a 217 degree smoker for a little over an hour (honestly can’t remember how long it took). Sure it took an hour to get the fire right, but it was worth the wait. All 3 of us remarked at the juicy tenderness of the breast meat, sorry it wasn’t dry and mealy.
Cheers to you and yours on this fine Tuesday evening,

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