Gary West Smoked Meats in Jacksonville Oregon

Well now, it looks as though Meathenge has turned in to Jerky Review Henge. Gary West Smoked Meats in Jacksonville Oregon sent me a good sized box filled with jerky treats. Doin’ the jerky dance!
As you can see, the jerky comes in thickish round sticks, not in sheets nor is it in flat strips. They have bison meat, elk meat, beef meat and all the flavors are represented. It’s one of the few jerkies we’ve had here that are on the softer, juicier side. Just take a look at the picture above and you’ll see, ain’t it nice?
I rate Gary West among the top, the meat is natural and well cared for. The recipes are solid and taste great. The standout though were the Cajun Steak Strips. If I were to order, I’d get a gallon of those. The pungent flavors that this flavor brought forth are worth a ninth trip!
While this post is short, Gary West is long on flavor and quality, did I mention I really, really liked the Cajun Steak Strips?
Gary West Smoked Meats

7 thoughts on “Gary West Smoked Meats in Jacksonville Oregon

  1. Dude,
    You have my mailing address. Im not getting any of this stuff. Just makes me want to blurt out “you suck”.
    But I know thats just my jealouse self……
    OK, Ill send him money.

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  3. I ordered a big bunch of this stuff for my sister’s birthday, and today she told me it was just great, very unlike the usual jerky. She’s sending me some so I get to try it. So thanks!
    Have you tried the jerky at Angelo’s on Hwy 121 south of the town of Sonoma? If so, how would you compare it to Gary West’s?

  4. Hey Weber,
    That’s great news! And, I don’t believe I have. I do know that Angelo is wily in the ways of smoking and meat. I love his bacon!

  5. I picked up one of Angelo’s tri-tips Saturday and just had a sandwich of it. Pretty good considering I didn’t cook/smoke it my lazy self.
    Never tried his bacon. That’s now on my list as well as some of his jerky so I can taste the jerky along with the Gary West stuff my sister is sending me.

  6. Yesterday I picked up some jerky (plain, pepper, and cajun) from Angelo’s and tried it with the Gary West jerkey that my sister sent to me (that I had ordered for her). My impression is that, while Angelo’s version is more substantial/meatier, easier to chew, and has more and better flavor than “standard” jerky, Gary West’s is “more so” along the same lines. It’s even thicker, softer, with more flavor (comparing similar types) than Angelo’s. But give Angelo’s jerky a try yourself and see what you think.