Fatted Calf does slab bacon?

Yeah, it’s like that. I have no idea what the availability is, I just happened to run across it this last Saturday at their store at the Oxbow Market in Napa.
Sliced it, fried it. Sweet pork love.
xo, Biggles

8 thoughts on “Fatted Calf does slab bacon?

  1. Sir,
    I am seeing this right now. Paper thin slices dropped in boiling bacon grease, lifted back out within a matter of seconds, drained on towels. Allowed to melt on the tongue.

  2. That’s an awesome photo. Wow.
    I want to print it out, put it through a paper shredder, and fry it up.

  3. Thank you and yes on all accounts. The cool thing I like about Fatted Calf’s bacon is that they play with the flavors and smoke action. Each time is a little different and just as good. Oh yes.