Cheese the chop, G the O, on Sour Papa!

A month ago I stumbled myself over to a garage sale, just to have a look. As I walked up my mind was racing, “Don’t do it, don’t do it, walk away, leave now while you can.” Of course I continued on my merry way ooooing and aahhing my way through. There was this really nice, smallish antique sideboard I could really use. But she wanted nearly 400 bux for it, really? I also spied this really nice old radio in an Asian inspired wooden case that was about the same size as the sideboard, didn’t really need that. Then I saw her, glistening in the sun. She was glorious, a sight to behold. And from the looks of things, unused!
She’s a 3′ wide, nearly 3′ deep, 180 pounds of a propane powered griddle! What sold me was the fact it was set up to jack right in to the same ol’ propane bottle I have at home. I was in my little Toyota wagon and had to drive home to pick up my Dodge pickup (V8 manual transmission baby!). Lucky for me the top lifts right off, but coming in over 150 pounds, it’s not simply a breeze to move around. I got it temporarily set up in my outdoor cooking area, The Boom Boom Room. There she sat for a few weeks underneath a cover.
Ya know, it was during those few weeks that I realized that this wasn’t necessarily one of the smartest purchases I’d made. I would need to use my hand-truck to get this thing in to the garage. And, the griddle portion rusts, quickly. It was clear, we weren’t made for each other for the long haul and we’d have to part ways in the near future (before winter). But that didn’t mean I couldn’t have some fun in the meantime!
Picture yourself a sunny Sunday afternoon in the shade, cool ocean breeze tickling the air from time to time. The smell of summer is giving way to a wet incoming winter. You’re at home and don’t have to leave the house for anything or anyone. The inspiration hits and you realize you have pork chops, onions, cheese, bread and some butter just screaming to be put together. It was lunch time and Z was looking for some food, it was time.
While the griddle hadn’t been used, it did need some cleaning. I grabbed the hose, a green scotch-brite pad and some Barkeeper’s Friend. Man, that stuff made quick work and I had a clean griddle in no time! I turned around to put the hose down, then turn it off. By the time I got back it was already rusting up! Got me some paper towels and corn oil handy, cleaned the griddle again, dang. Toweled it dry and put on the corn oil immediately. I loves my corn oil, can smell it when it begins to warm, so nice!
Within minutes it was hot and I was standing at my griddle making everything go. Man, it was so much fun! “Look at me !!! I’m Sponge Bob! One crabby patty coming up, Mr. Crabs!” Best afternoon ever and I have to say the boneless pork chop with cheese and grilled onions was superb, Z said so.
Today sadly, I have to report that Chilebrown‘s friend Chef Ray came and took her away this last weekend. He’s a professional caterer and will actually put her to regular use, just as it should be. Farewell to thee, griddle o’ pork.
xo, Biggles

11 thoughts on “Cheese the chop, G the O, on Sour Papa!

  1. Ah ~ they come to us in a flash and sometimes leave just as quickly with warm memories of savory flavors and sighs of sizzling tasting things ~ only to find another home!
    Sounds like you gave her a loving home and she returned the favor (or flavor!) with her visit to the Boom Boom Room.
    Big D

  2. I actually wanted it but Ms. Goofy would not let me get it. She said something about having to many toys. I tried to explain. Oh well you know the rest of the story.

  3. What a grand instrument! Just the thing for the PTA’s semi-annual fund raising BBQs. Or, for a Traveling Chef to surprise the seniors at the old folks’ home. Seniors love gadgety cookery and all the more fun to watch what they’re going to eat turn to magic on a conversation griddle! Bet like anything, you find another “somethun'” like it real soon.

  4. Hey Greg! I didn’t, maybe it’s better that way, less drama.
    Hi Cherie,
    It was a lot of effort and am glad I got through it without causing myself another injury that puts me down for a month! Am also quite happy that the flat top will be used on a regular basis by someone who shares the love.