McBee’s Bar-B-Q – Hondo Texas

Editor’s Note: This just in directly from Hondo Texas. Joe Bob and JLee are meandering their way through Texas as we speak. Texas Barbecue is on the menu and Shiner’s Mesquite Smoked Lager Beer is the grail. Will let you know when the holy grail is discovered.
Meal was great! some of best brisket we ever had. Really good Polish sausage too. chicken was chicken but amazing skin like turkey and rub of some sort. we kept leftovers for later and they did not last long. Brisket had killer smoke ring and crusty outer layer. Most….not that tired dry stuff you normally find on the tour de Texas.
This is brisket country no doubt. No pork yet but we keep searching. Tried another place in Del Rio but that come over tonight. We in Marathon now at cool hotel, RV park and got last room. Now we off to James Evans gallery and French Grocer store. Searching hard for Pearl Beer !! (Search for Shiner you knob!)
Joe Bob
McBee’s BBQ
1301 19th St
Hondo Texas 78861

8 thoughts on “McBee’s Bar-B-Q – Hondo Texas

  1. Joe Bob, there ought to be a law agin someone such as yourself posting this kinda thing right before suppertime.

  2. This food was sooo good. I am so tired of dry brisket and to find this is rare for me. They had no beer, no Pearl, no Shiner. We just found Shiner Bock here in Marathon, but that beer is everywhere. The Shiner Mesquite Smoked beer that ‘henge demands is new and very rare we here. We shall continue our search. Fella peeing in a parking lot would be common anywhere down here. Just had dinner at the Famous Burro in Marathon. Got to play out back in stage area with Aussie Sheppard puppy and a lil Border Collie puppy. Owned by two cute girls about 4 and 6 who “live on a big ranch near Alpine and we have our own horses too”…..Burro another entry.

  3. I had bad Q. I had good Q. This is great Q. I am stilllll searching for Pearl Beer. Getting hints and bits of info, Miller bought them etc etc, along with Lone Star….no fancy Shiner. Only Bock and the Super Dark whatever. We look in San Antonio soon.

  4. I found some Shiner Smokehaus at the Walburg Restaurant’s Biergarten in Walburg, TX when I was there for Halloween.
    I didn’t look for Pearl or Lone Star since I usually stick to the German beers when I’m there. I’m thinking that they’d have Pearl and Lone star though, since they have quite the selection of beer. I’m not sure when I’m going there again since they are shuttering the biergarten for the season. If I go to the restaurant I’ll be sure to look and give you an update.
    Enjoy the posts about restaurants that will never make it into print other than your page. Keep up the good work.