Fatted Calf – The Class – Whole Hog Butchery & Sausage Making !!!

Where does the time go? If anyone has a clue, or a coupon so I can get a discount on one, let me know.
A few months ago I took Fatted Calf‘s 3rd class, Whole Hog Butchery & Sausage making Part I. It was a last minute deal and headed out.
The class is held in their very own commercial kitchen and butcher shop up in Napa at the Oxbow Market. The classes start at 11am and go until 3pm, plenty of time to get there and plenty of time finish out the day, niiice. The class is limited to 12 people, plenty of room and time for some real hands on instruction. And brother, or sister, you’re getting instruction in butchering and sausage making by one of the top Supreme Poobah Master Butchers of all time. Taylor holds nothing back in procedure, where the ingredients come from or how to bring the recipe together. He shares all and always has, it’s because he cares. Pretty cool, eh?
Okay, so here you are at the Fatted Calf HQ, knife in hand or casing manipulation, how could it get any better? That’s right, they supply the lunch. And this ain’t your grandfather’s continental breakfast at HoJo’s. No ma’am, this is a lunch that fits squarely in Napa’s finest spreads. Wine too! Yeah, it’s like that. But wait, there’s more, oh yes. You get 10% off after the class on whatever they have in the meat case for that day! That’s not enough for Team Fatted Calf though, you get to take with you a generous assortment of the sausages that you made that day!
Okay, I’ll wait while you call (707) 256-3684 to secure your spot in one of their upcoming classes:

All About Duck
Saturday, Sept 26 from 11-3
Saturday, November 14 from 11-3
Whole Hog Butchery Part I
Saturday, October 17 from 11-3
Blood & Guts
Saturday, October 31 from 11-3
Celebrate Decadence: Truffles, Paté & Foie Gras
Saturday, December 5 from 11-3
Saturday, December 12 from 11-3

… okay off the phone?
As you’ve already surmised, this is a Destination Class. Cancel previous plans, rent a car, buy the plane tickets, do what it takes. You need to be in one of these classes, it was that good. Taylor & Toponia are absolutely superb in their abilities as cooks, chefs, hosts & instructors. If you miss out, go ahead and just smack yourelf in the face with a hammer now and get it over with.
xo, Biggles
ps – Please visit Meathenge’s Flickr account for some more grab shots I took of the day.

7 thoughts on “Fatted Calf – The Class – Whole Hog Butchery & Sausage Making !!!

  1. Crepinettes! Remember back a few years ago when you were the only person who knew what crepinettes were? The rest of us figured they were probably cromulent, but we still had no idea what they were.
    Now, I even know what caul fat is.
    Thanks to Fatted Calf.
    And you.

  2. Woo hoo! Hey Cookie, yeah I remember those days. Ya know, the love that Fatted Calf has adorned us all with has been very embiggening process.