French Grocer – Marathon Texas

french grocer.jpg
Editor’s note: Joe Bob and JLee continue on in their West Texas walkabout.
We had breakfast at Marathon Coffee Cafe. Um, huevos and such. NBD. Cozy joint. They serve Big Bend Coffee (roasted in Marfa) here. And they sell the beans. If you’re camping or touring, and you have brought the ‘proper’ equipment, get your beans here. And make it yourself, the right way. Get everything else at French Co. Grocer, Hwy 90 & Avenue D. They got wi-fi, ice, beer and food and medicine and love.
We loaded up on stuff and headed to Big Bend Ranch State Park. Sorry no pictures. But I will tell y’all we saw many Daddy Long Legs with 6″ leg spans. No kiddin. And we weren’t drunk either.
French Grocer – Marathon, TX

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