The Ice House / a drive through booze load up station – Ozona Texas

drive thru liquor.jpg
Editor’s Note: Yay, another fine post from JLee and Joe Bob’s trip to West Texas. I like the part where you can see they’re selling portable carport thingies as well as booze & ice. 600 bux?
We came across a few of these on this trip. Now, I’ve seen drive-up, window service liquor stores. These are drive-thru. You can load up cases and cases of stuff, and a whole lotta ice. I’m sure there’s a story behind this way of doing business. I surely appreciate being able to just drive right into the store.

8 thoughts on “The Ice House / a drive through booze load up station – Ozona Texas

  1. The only place cooler than that is Wyoming where you have combination gun/liquor stores with drive up windows.
    That’ll make the bed wetting types run to their therapists. Pansies!

  2. Here in North Carolina, we have a small chain of a similar business type, called Brew Thru (, that operate mostly in the northern part of the Outer Banks (Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, etc.). Of course, we also have the world’s finest barbecue….

  3. You know how it is, you’ve been drinking and you know you can’t walk to the store because you’re drunk. But, you’re not so drunk that you can’t drive. Besides, driving with a buzz on is safer than walking. At least when you’re driving you don’t have to worry about getting run over by a car like you would if you were walking. Another advantage is that you don’t have to try to stand up straight when paying for more beer. Sometimes store clerks won’t sell you more beer if you’re swaying back and forth. They’ll tell you that you’re drunk and the law won’t let them sell you beer to an intoxicated person. That problem is averted when you’re in a car. You’re sitting down. As long as you can make it through the store without running over the Slim Jim display then they’ll sell you the beer.
    I recommend that everyone take advantage of a drive-thru store whenever you get a chance. They’re great conveniences. And it’s a quick, fun way to buy your beer….or sodas if you’re the type to prefer soft drinks (cough, cough, ya pussy, cough).

  4. Hay Czar,
    Well, you got that right. Statistics show that there’s a higher fatality rate for drunk walkers versus the drivers! I wonder if it would be safer even further if you closed one eye while navigating the booze tunnel?

  5. Hell yes this place is pretty cool! Peanut runs it and is super nice, it’s my closest liquor store living out here in the sticks.

  6. When we drove through, I got out and talked to this ole boy about 80 years old. He way cool. I was trying to find out what happened to Pearl Beer etc. He gave me a lot of history about local Texas beers, who bought whom, when etc. I have heard about drive through bars in FLA. Drive up, get cocktail with lid and straw and zoom off. Crazy..