Martian Food Photo Contest !!!

2 days ago (the clock is ticking!) Zoomie of Zoomie’s Station announced a contest. If you go take a look, she cooked something, snapped a shot and it looked absolutely unrecognizable. It looks horrific even! If you take pictures of your food, you’ve most certainly come across at least a handful of shots like this. Sometimes, it’s after you’ve posted it or handed it to friends and received some really odd, quizzical looks. She’s offering up a photo contest of your own and the best out of millions will receive a prize! Go see, it was posted February 2nd, just follow the link above. And most of all, have fun.
xo, Biggles

4 thoughts on “Martian Food Photo Contest !!!

  1. Hey Cookie!
    You of all people know how much I love to stick my foot in my mowf, I tried so hard. Will look through my computer here at home and see!

  2. Pensises and Turds, eh? I see that Dr. Biggles has taken a turn for the poetic during my long absence from the blogosphere. Glad to see you’re still minding the Henge.