Mesquite Grilled Cheese Burgers

I’ve always felt that more often that not, less is more. Tonight was another lesson that proves my point, it was outstanding.
All I ask is get out there and do it.
Meathenge has spoken.
xo, Biggles

13 thoughts on “Mesquite Grilled Cheese Burgers

  1. Had me one of those last night. Mesquite, slab of the old Tillamook, slice of tomato, couple slices of dills. Yep, that there looks just exactly the same.

  2. Hi Lydia! Hi Zoomie! Hay Chandler!
    I used Tillamook as well, way cool. I can still taste them, now it’s time for breakfast.
    xo, Biggles

  3. Threw some deliciously marinated chicken on the grill last night…delicious or not, these photos make me feel as though I should’ve opted for a burger instead.

  4. Hay Cherie,
    Sounds like you could have done exceptionally well either way. I’ve got some fancy sausages for tonight.
    OH, what’s not pictures are the rabbit crepinettes! Was going to get to that later. They were 5 bux a piece and had to drive to Napa Valley for them, but well worth the effort. Well, okay I didn’t drive, I was a passenger.
    Hey Pragmatic,
    Good to see you back in action! MmMmm, bock.
    xo, Biggles