What’s on your grill or smoker right now?

The membrane has been removed, entire rack rubbed with kosher salt, marinating. Cooker is nearly ready, great smells. What you gots?
xo, Biggles
Editor’s Update (next morning):
Fired up the new cooker last night and smoked these babies! Removed membrane, rubbed with Kosher salt, smoked with hickory. Juicy! Click on the picture if you so choose.

10 thoughts on “What’s on your grill or smoker right now?

  1. I gots a roasting chicken on there now and 5 fat pork chops sitting in leftover jerk marinade ready to join the party in a wee bit.

  2. Hamburgers and chicken wings but not on my grill – at the neighborhood block party on the summeriest day of the year so far. Heaven.

  3. Biggles,
    You have just about won me over on the kosher salt marinade. Those spares look darn good!

  4. I ain’t got nothing on the smoker right now. It’s 99 degrees and 99% humidity. I’m staying in the AC
    But those ribs sure look nice. Sometimes the simplest preperations are the best. But no pepper?

  5. Hey Brooklyn,
    Dang, that sounds awful. It’s about 70 here, low humidity, oceanny breezes, and at work.
    Naw, no pepper, just kosher salt. Like, 50% easier with just salt versus the s&p.

  6. I did not use a grill this time. I used a mesquite fire.
    Hey we are going to Napa in the morrow. You want to go or should we pick you up anything? Fatted Calf Baby!