Jalapeno Poppers via 11 year old boy & youtube

I’ve got 2 boys, 1 of which will eat pretty much anything and enjoys it all.  The 11 year old however, ain’t quite as easy to please.  So, when you-know-who found a recipe for the J Poppers on youtube and wanted to make them?  I backed him up 110%.  He selected Jack & Mozzarella made in to a slurry with cream cheese.  Even sliced open the peppers and cleaned them out himself.  I’d always done them by slicing off the top, but he did it lengthwise so they made a cheesy boat.  Wrapped with bacon and in to a pre-heated Char-broil Smoker Roaster Grill set to maybe a little under halfway on the volume knob.  Dang boy!  They were good.

xo, Biggles

6 thoughts on “Jalapeno Poppers via 11 year old boy & youtube

  1. Hay,

    YES, Tiny E. And he’s 11!

    Not too terribly hot, just got a little warm action, ya know?

    And yes, beginning and yet a great part of a feast!

    xo, Biggles

  2. It’s always nice to see one of your own “bust out” a little and try something that they previously wouldn’t have dreamed of eating. Especially something a bit on the spicy side! My kids have been good in that respect, they aren’t afraid of a little heat!!

    Those do look darn good, now I need to locate my grill rack for making poppers…

  3. Hey Chuck,

    Thank you and you know, if you slice open the peppers lengthwise, you won’t need a rack. They just lay down on the grill. Oh yeah …

    xo, Biggles