Meathenge’s Whip Cream Journey or Merry Christmas !!!

A way back in the early ’90s I stopped off at Fat Apples restaurant in El Cerrito for a cup of coffee. 9 million years ago this was the place that was originally named Fat Albert’s, but was quickly shut down due to the illegal use of a trademarked name. I had grabbed my coffee, and poked around for the half & half. None to be found! What I did find was a container of Manufacturing Cream. Real cream in coffee?  Count me in!

Whatever it was, left a long lasting impression on me. Even today I can remember the euphoric experience in nearly detail. I searched for it over the coming day, weeks and months. But never could I find it, not even a glimmer. At some point I was told that it was a food service product, only available to restaurants, bakeries and wherever else I clearly wasn’t.

A few weeks ago I was grabbing my ubiquitous gallon of 2% at Smart & Final, a commercial type grocery store that is “open to the public”. I looked up and to the right, there she was. A half gallon of Manufacturing Cream. I wanted, no needed this magical, loaded with butter fat, container of love.

So far, everyone here at Meathenge Labs finds that whipped cream made from this stuff totally eclipses anything it’s put over.  Not only that, it’s stable as gosh.  A day later, on the counter or in the fridge, it doesn’t separate or go south. I suppose being 40% plus on butter fat probably has something to do with it, eh?

Go now, find this wonderful elixir of the gods. Make your holidays, make your Christmas extra special and make some whipped cream from Manufacturing Cream.

xo, Biggles

16 thoughts on “Meathenge’s Whip Cream Journey or Merry Christmas !!!

  1. First of all, insanely great photo. All those details in “white.”
    Second, that stuff’s from Berkeley Farms, how bad can that be? I’ll keep a heart-clogging eye out for some.

    • Yes, Merry Christmas !!! And, missed the fact the camera was set to “cloudy” and gave everything a warm glow. It turned out in spite of my miss filing the settings, eh?
      xo, Biggles

  2. I will definitely be looking for this in the future!

    And Merry, Merry on your first Christmas with your lovely new wife!

    • Hanging in there! Got some hankerin’ action for 2 slabs of pork spares. Since the boys are here all week, will be dialing that in within a day or two.
      xo, Biggles

  3. Back in the 60’s Fat Apples was a Louis store then a Mc Brides then vacant. I never new it as Fat Alberts.

    • Yup, yup, Fat Alberts. It was on Milvia, first one. I think. It didn’t have the name more than a few months or so before that name got pulled. Fat Apples seemed kinda silly.
      xo, Biggles

  4. We are going to Memphis Minnies for a late lunch. We are also going across the street to drink at the Toronado. You want to be our desingaed Driver?

  5. BEE-U-TIFUL! Hope Christmas with the boys and your beautiful new bride was one to remember! Happy New Year. And thank you for all your encouragement and help with my blog this year. 🙂

  6. Oohh yeah,
    Gotta love the cream!
    Is half and half half milk and half cream?

    Happy New Year, Biggles.
    I wish the ground would stop shaking down here. ;(

    • Hey Mike,
      Being on shaky ground is never a good thing. We’re here in the San Francisco Bay Area and while we haven’t had a large quake in quite some years, we still get our share of bouncy rides.
      The difference between milks and creams really comes down to fat content. Half and half is only about 12% butter fat, fine for coffee. Manufacturing cream is 38% and above! Wonnerful.
      xo, Biggles