New Pot Meal

I wanted to take a moment and say Thank you to Jim over at Mercuri Litho for gifting me his unused 5 quart cast iron dutch oven with a nice glass lid. I gleefully accepted and ran to my butcher for a fresh chicken. Later that afternoon I had time to scrub it clean (semi cured oil of unknown age was in it), dry it, cure it and roast a chicken in it!! An upside down chicken roasting method was used.

Yes, I know I posted about the upside down chicken last week er somethin, but dammit. Each time it comes out fantastic. Every portion is dripping with juice love, the skin is crispy bright and the thigh meat is done. What more can you ask for? Not a heck of a lot if you like roasted chicken. And no, I didn’t stuff the breast meat with bacon to add juicyness.

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