Everett & Jones Super Q Barbecue Sauce

Maybe about a month ago or so my dear sister & her husband gave me a bottle of Everett & Jones BBQ sauce. This is a local place for us, even so I was hesitant to buy into a bottled sauce. I figure everything is worth a try, once.

I’m glad I finally gave it a shot. There aren’t all that many que sauces that are really good out of the jar. This one is. I’m not going to pick it to pieces, nor am I going to rave it to bits.
What you need to know, if you don’t make your own sauce and need a really nice que/dippin sauce out of the jar, go get this one. I’ll be digging me up at least a case worth so I can have something worth while when company shows up.
If you care, it’s a little sweet where you find an inch of bite. Yet it has a nice hot flying back when you need it. And it comes in a cool jar you can reuse.
As you know I cook my meat over a real mesquite fire with hickory chunks for smokey goodness. No GAS, no pressed charcoal crap products from hell. Please if you have any questions ask in the Comments section below.
XO Xo.
p.s. www.super-que.com

16 thoughts on “Everett & Jones Super Q Barbecue Sauce

  1. There’s an E&J here in Big Mo. The sauce is good,too; but the ribs are fatty, boiled to flavorlessness, and stringly . . . the hogs are too old. Help ’em out, Biggles!

  2. Yup, nothing like traditional boiled bbq pork ribs. I know people, for years, have been boiling their pork first to infuse flavor and precook so it doesn’t grill as long.
    That’s all CRAP. If you take the time to learn how to build a fire, keep it low and happy, your pork ribs will be the FINE slab they were meant to be.
    Sorry, boiled food ain’t all that great. No sir.

  3. I’m from the bay area and I went to everett and jones bbq rest. from the time they open, till the time some of them closed. (especially after a good party:) Anyway I now live in sac. and there is a rest. opening on Florin and Franklin and we here at the school I work for want to when its going to be OPEN. I have bragged so much, till the staff wants to try the good food. OK WHEN

  4. Walking through my local Albertsons in Fremont this warm Saturday afternoon, I stumbled upon the glory. That is the glory of E & J’s Medium Super Que. Now i’ve got two max packs of bone in chicken breasts cut in half over my mesquite coals and hickory chunks anxious to testify to all that this local sauce is the bomb. I will be going to church tomorrow. Praise the lord !

  5. Hey Bonham,
    Excellent! Don’t the smell of mesquite and food sizzling curl yer toes? I did a slab of ribs on Saturday, so tasty.

  6. Dr. Big,
    Sir yes sir, barbeque is in the bloodline and never skips a generation. Getting ready to get my hands black again with mesquite dust. My toes start curlin when I start eating and watching the Oakland Athletics kick some ass.


  8. Hi,
    I was just curious if you used any particular ingredients before bbq’ing the meat and what was the cooking process? Thanks!

  9. Hey Kristina,
    Ya know, I wrote this post over 6 years ago and can’t remember.
    Today I can tell you what I’d do. Rub chicken with Kosher salt and let sit for a few hours in the fridge.
    Light fire in grill, let the coals even out, leave an open space in the coals so you have a cool area.
    Remove chicken and bring to room temp, install to fire when both are ready. Use hickory or other smoking wood to get your smoky flavors going. Grill the food until it’s done, time has nothing to do with it. Use a fast read temperature probe, I pull my chicken at 160 and let rest.
    xo, Biggles

  10. I have unopened Everett & Jones BBQ sauce Jar. Is there any expiration date. I do not know how long this was in my pantry. Appreciate your kind response ASAP.

    Thank you. Kiran