Skinny Pork Sausage with Morels

Spring has most assuredly sprung. People are out of their house, on the road and usually right where I want to be. The stunts they’re pulling in town are amazing to say the least. All I was interested in doing was hopping onto the freeway and make my way into Berkeley via University Avenue. At 9:30 am Saturday morning there was one line of cars stretching for miles, all directly in front of my truck. Once finally making it to my favorite part of town for parking I find tree cutting trucks have taken everything. Back down University for 4 blocks, maybe some parking? You think? Mebe. Yes, I found one.
Was it all worth it? Yes! Fatted calf’s News Letter said he had a new sausage this week and I wanted to be first in line.

I’m sure there are some other types of flavor delivery systems. But I’m going to stick with fat, animal fat. And brother (or sister), this time it is a special delivery. Taylor has put together a little wonder he calls, Skinny Pork Sausage with Morels. It’s his pork sausage with fresh morel mushrooms. They fresh and they good. The pork sausage really brings you the warm blanket of morel love to every part of your mouth. It is one nice layer of flavor that works very well with the pork.
For lunch I made two for my wife and two for myself. I could have done another, easily. Last week if you’d asked me what sausage was my favorite I wouldn’t have hesitated, Toulouse. But this week the Skinny Pork Sausage runs far ahead. I should have purchased another package (6 count).

Here you are, a nice bright lunch for a spring Saturday afternoon. The ‘maters had Bariani Extra Virgin Olive oil, fresh ground black pepper and Australian Murray River Salt Flakes. Crunchy bright salty happiness.
aw rats, I forgot about the Spanish Smoked Paprika. Mebe next time, eh.

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