Best Saturday Ever & Rabbit Pat

This last Saturday I left the Farmer’s Market with a noticeable skip in my step. Sure I had my pockets full of meat and my one kidney was doing double time to get rid of the Blue Bottle Coffee’s New Orleans style iced coffee. This time was different. This time I got to SELL SAUSAGE !!!

I showed up a little after 10am on Saturday, the market was really busy already. The day was warming nicely with a hint of fresh grass and blooming trees in the air (KAHCHOO), not a cloud in the sky. Very nice indeed. Toponia was on her way out on an errand and Taylor pretty much hit me up for a favor right off. He said he’d give me my Crepinettes (they had morels in them this week!) for free if I worked The Fatted Calf’s stall for 10 minutes while he did some shopping. Initially I was a bit apprehensive, but he didn’t have anyone else at the moment. Plus he had that wedding to attend to on Sunday and he needed a helping hand. Sell sausage? I could do that. It wasn’t all that busy directly at the stall, so I ‘people watched’ for a few minutes, it WAS summer after all. Within a few minutes people would stop by to pick up some goodies and chat about meat. A few people noticed I wasn’t Taylor, that was cool. A cute young woman stopped by, who lived alone. She only needed one package of Toulouse sausage. Good thing I was there to help.
Maybe half way through my 10 minute stint, I heard someone in front of me say, “GUUUUUUUYYYYY”, (that’s my name). It was Chris, a friend I hadn’t seen in quite some time. We talked for a while and he seemed quite surprised to see me behind the scenes at Fatted Calf. He reads MeatHenge when he can and is a regular customer here at the market. I had him take this picture of me selling sausage, came out quite well eh? You bet. Anyway, it was the best Saturday ever. EVER.

The pork crepinettes with morels weren’t the only thing I came away with on Saturday. Yes, I had a coffee buz going too. But as I was leaving, Taylor mentioned something about a pat

5 thoughts on “Best Saturday Ever & Rabbit Pat

  1. for shame – i arrived too late to see you! i thought of telling taylor, ‘guy sent me,’ but i didn’t know if that would be weird.
    i bought some crepinettes and rosso. grilled them up for breakfast yesterday morning. yum! yum!!! i hope to make it back to the market in a couple of weeks. you’re such a rock star, dr. b.

  2. Aw man, he would have liked it.
    Yeah, I get there kinda early. I notice most people don’t hit the market until early afternoon. If I don’t get out the door soon on the weekends, I don’t get out.
    So nice.

  3. Aw, you’re so cute! I’d buy Toulouse sausage from you any day! But on to the real purpose of my comment here…have you ever tried “scrapple”, a PennsylvaniaDutch pork treat? I slice & fry it in my grandpa’s big old black pan with just a bit of bacon fat, until it’s golden brown and ultra crispy on the outside, yummy smooth and porky on the inside. Served with mustard or molasses, depending on whether you prefer sweet or savory. Now that’s artery clogging living!

  4. I would sell you one Toulouse and one Rosso, because I care.
    My dear ‘mother’ told me she used to make me scrapple. But over the years I notice what she called scrapple wasn’t anything remotely near what I hear from everyone else.
    To answer yer question, I believe, no. No I haven’t had scrapple. Damn me.
    Did I mention I had rabbit?
    Whar’s muh meat jewelry?

  5. Goodness, my family (all from Philly except for me) was raised on scrapple. It’s damned good stuff. …and yes, it’s sooooo bad for you, too.