Fatted (ham) Calf (ham) Newsletter (ham) – Special (ham) Ham Steak

Not more than 3 minutes before the Newsletter arrived in my inbox, I remarked that the Fatted Calf Newsletter was late. I almost gave them a call, “whar’s muh newsletter foo?”
I read through the introductory paragraph pretty quickly, all I was interested in was to see if there was a special and what the Crepinettes were made of this week. I was not let down.
First came the special brined, cold smoked ham steaks. You don’t eeven want to miss this one. A month ago or so he sold these 9 pound hams, sure they were amazing hunks of ham leg. But you had to buy 9 pounds of ham leg, which left most people out of the loop. This time he was nice enough to make something Snack Size (probably a few pounds each, maybe a tad less) so we can all have a taste. In a few months when the holidays come by we’ll know what to expect for our Holiday Ham selection.
This week he has Pork Crepinettes with Pistachios, Duck Liver and Marsala. Okay, so I’m not too hip to livers. And usually would pass, but so far there isn’t one thing Taylor’s made that I haven’t enjoyed. So, I will be getting a package and I’ll let you know how it goes. Keep in mind he’s got Mortadella this week too, amazing stuff. So yummy.

This Week at the Market:
Have you ever wished you were Southern? Hmmm, well there are few reasons to not wish that, which we won?t go into. (Jessie cough, cough, Helms cough) But on the top ten list of Reasons To Be Southern is most definitely Ham Hocks. Taylor the Butcher claims Southern-ness, though our research shows that Texan is a whole ?nother category. Taylor has smoked up a whole bunch of hocks for you this week, and according to him, they make a sublime (OK he didn?t actually use that word but anyway) black eyed pea salad with red onions, and ?the hocks make a really good soup base and each one will easily make a half gallon of good, rich stock?. Being Texan (oh, all right, Southern), Taylor also has a penchant for standing by a hot grill with a beer in his hand, grilling ham steaks and corn on the cob. He?s going to let you try one of the other best things about being Southern by bringing brined, cold smoked ham steaks to the Market this week, around 2 to 2.5 lbs each, oh, yum. See you at the Market, y?all
Fresh Sausage
Pork Crepinettes with Pistachios, Duck Liver and Marsala
Fatted Calf Rosso
Sweet Italian
Hot Italian
Mexican Style Chorizo
Loose Sausage /Breakfast Sausage
Pates & Confits
Pate de Campagne
Duck Pate with Armagnac Soaked Prunes
Duck Confit
Confit Terrine
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Smoked Pork Rillettes
Stocks & Sauces
Roasted Duck Broth
Roasted Pork Stock
Sugo di Carne
Cured Meats & Salami
Chorizo Seco
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3 thoughts on “Fatted (ham) Calf (ham) Newsletter (ham) – Special (ham) Ham Steak

  1. is that a picture of ham steaks? i want that. where do i get that? i have to work tomorrow morning. will he have them next week? do they come with onions?

  2. Man, oh man. It’s almost 4pm and I haven’t eaten all day. Never make “lunch” plans with a flaky girl. So I torture myself by looking at your site. I’ll be dead soon.

  3. That’s a picture of some pork that I roasted not too long ago, it was taaasteeee.
    Taylor has what he has this week. It’ll be a tad different next week. You need check here or sign up for his newsletter directly at http://www.fattedcalf.com. This way you can get what you need. Nobody else cares this much for meat and meat products, nobody. Not even one.