Wild Mushroom Crepinettes, Hoffman Farm Quail stuffed with Savory Greens Sausage – Fatted Spring Calf Picnic Newsletter

Spring Time is such a perfect time for sausages. The days are longer and give you plenty of time in the early morning to get things going. There simply is no better smells than breakfast sausage, eggies, home fries or toast with coffee first thing. No sir, nothing like it. Heck, go for a nice long hike up in the hills. Check out all the spring flowers, wild orchids and grasses. Whip out your hibachi, get your fire going and grill your bordelaise right up there on top! Now that gives you the strength to carry on, you bet. Course I suppose you’ll have to bring some tequila to keep you busy while the hibachi cools down. Hoo, that’ll make for a nice long afternoon. See? Sausage gives you time to stop and smell the roses.
See you Saturday bright & early!

Have you been on your first Spring Picnic yet? We’re sitting here, looking out the window at the branches swaying in breeze, and listening to the birds singing, and thinking about lying on a soft, old blanket on a cushy lawn, our eyelids being warmed by the sun, the winter damp being slowly baked out of us. Yeah, it’s time. Eating indoors is all fine and good, but there is something about the contrast of a sophisticated spread in a rustic setting that really gets us going. We’ve always fantasized about a fancy picnic basket; wicker, with darling little straps to hold down the fine china and silver, and a special cloth that only gets used for the fancy picnics, ones where a classical music concert is about to happen and people are wearing diaphanous silk dresses and seersucker suits. But, back in the real world, a picnic can be easy and fun, no pressure. A grocery bag and an old bedspread will do just fine. And we know that you know that th ere is one category of picnic necessity that one must never skimp on, and that is the menu. You can go plain or fancy here, too. Hey, if a grill is involved, go super-duper fancy. But if you wake up one morning and the breeze is warm and the car is gassed up, just grab a few Fatted Calf items that you stock your fridge with each Saturday, (don’t forget the bedspread!) and hit the road. A little pot of rillettes, your favorite bread and maybe some mustard, and there you go. Or, do it Salumi-Style, and pack some fegatelli, Saucisson Sec, and some yummy olives, and there you go again. A couple from column A, a couple more from columns B and C, you can’t really do it wrong. Toponia says: “Don’t forget the veggies!” Taylor says: “Don’t forget the booze!” We say: Welcome to Spring.
See you (no, really, we really will SEE you) at the Market!
Hoffman Farm Quail stuffed with Savory Greens Sausage
Wild Mushroom Crepinettes
Sweet Italian
Mexican Style Chorizo
Breakfast Sausage
Savory Greens Sausage
Pates, Confits & Terrines
Pate Maison
Guinea Hen Pate
Duck Confit
Duck Rillettes
Rabbit Rillettes
Saucisson Sec
Petit Sale
Other Meaty Goods
Duck Demi
Glace de Viande
Sugo di Carne

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