MEAT ALERT !!! – Rosie Organic Chickens on sale !!!

I snuck in to EC Nat today to find a little something for dinner tonight, made my way back to the meat counter pronto. As I was ordering my pound of ground chuck, I looked straight down and noticed the Rosie birds were only $2.55 a pound. That’s nearly a buck off and only 14 cents more than the Rocky Jr. birdies. Aroo?
“Add a Rosie to that order, my good man!” Said Biggles.
The sale is going on until about the 16th of this mumf and could very well be going on at other markets. I didn’t ask why the lower price, sorry. I’m such a naughty reporter, BAD BIGGLES !!! No chicken leg for you!
Go now.
The Natural Grocery Company
10367 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530

2 thoughts on “MEAT ALERT !!! – Rosie Organic Chickens on sale !!!

  1. Will there be a leg in your pocket tomorrow at the BFM then? (There will be bread in mine, so it sounds like I’ll catch you around sammich o’clock.)