Meathenge Garage – Yer blinker is out, ya doof.

Here we find Biggles’ 1964 Dodge D100 pickup circa 1995. To his right is Lisa’s ’70 D100, Creepy E’s ’63 Valiant Wagon and last but not least, Bones! Our company truck at the time, a 1961 Dodge D100.

On to the automotive lesson. Ya know how when you turn on your blinker to turn? Left or right, it’s the same bink, bink, bink, bink, bink, bink. Okay, so years down the road, your blinker now goes, binkbinkbinkbinkbinkbinkbink (much faster, eh). This is telling you that you have a light bulb in one of those sockets that has blown. Stop at a safe location and run your blinkers to see what bulb is out. Then? Replace all your bulbs. Because if one is old and blown, the others will follow. And brother, or sister, it’s easier to do it now rather than later. And by later I mean after the nice police person has hauled you in for a dui because your blinker was out.
xo, Biggles

7 thoughts on “Meathenge Garage – Yer blinker is out, ya doof.

  1. How else do you have a chance to meet new faces on the way to strange places if you don’t have a blinker that’s out!

  2. Hey, in that pic of “OK Corral-land” does the “other” Chevron tank say “anti-gas?

  3. I had a 64 Valiant.(Slant 6) It was a hand me down from the folks. It was far from a hot rod, but it had a big back seat. 35 cents a gallon,Yeah!!!!!

  4. I bet the interior smelled good! That’s about all I miss about old cars. My last one, a ’66 Barracuda, had a blinker problem. The turn signal would start to blink every once in a while, then the windshield wipers would get involved and start moving on their own, all in rhythm. Eventually they disconnected my backup lights and that solved it! If your car is old enough, you’re not required to have them, so it wasn’t a biggie.