Food Pr0n – Sharing is Caring

How could I possibly take this photograph last night and not share it with you today. I mulled it over for 4 or so hours and decided, “It’s going up!”.
The boys and I have taken our local Joya de Ceren market to heart lately and added some kind of taco dish at least once or twice a week. In the past we’ve used their premade meat/pepper/onion mixes, they’re all really good. But they have a chile powder and related in them (yum!). And unfortunately Z ain’t hip to them flavors, so I decided to make my own, sorta. Sure I’ll be compiling my own lime based marinade soon, but a bottle of La Lechonera Spanish Marinating Sauce did just fine for last night.
Check out the picture of a fat little piggy, in a sling, with the marinade also in a sliing, getting the piggy all ready. Priceless.
We ended up eating 2 pounds of flank steak for one dinner. A little excessive I know, but it was really good. Especially with corn tortillas that get all puffy when you heat them, so good. I’ll make up my own marinaddy for next week and see how that goes.

9 thoughts on “Food Pr0n – Sharing is Caring

  1. See, it’s all right if you do food PrOn — I celebrate it! What a sight. Thanks for the titillation (oops, did I say that???).

  2. I like the onions added. I tend to do beer and onions. My Dad really like OJ for some reason. In any case, I use the beer and onions on my carne asada.

  3. Hey Joaquin!
    Like time no beer.
    The OJ is a pretty darned popular vehicle for marinades in these parts. It must be a citrus thing, hey.

  4. yes, must be a cali thing, bro. Of course I know for Barbeques my Dad puts beer on the carne asada. Might have to ask him that one.
    good to see you are still plugging away here…by far one of my favorite food blogs. Notice it is only you and one other person on my blog roll…but I love that you hit-up the hole in the wall mexican places…holla! i miss cali.