Unexpected Delights – Country Fried Bacon

This was and is completely unexpected, Country Fried Bacon.
Our internets has been going up and down, they were expected to come fix between 4 & 6pm. Didn’t have anything planned for dinner, had the hankering for something deep fried.
Found enough oil, two bunches of asparagus, taters … and bacon. Whupped up some beer, flour & salt. Dredged the “veggies” and deep fried at 360 degrees F.
Country Fried Bacon rules. So clean, so perfect, so not greasy and easy.
xo, Biggles

15 thoughts on “Unexpected Delights – Country Fried Bacon

  1. AMEN Brother!
    Ventured into the world of deep fried bacon a few months ago… and holy cow… a little cream gravy for dippin purposes… and it’s pure heaven.
    Welcome to the ranks!

  2. wow. never heard of but now have to try.
    Weirdest thing I have ever had was chocolate covered bacon.

  3. I came across the video of country friend bacon not to long ago and have been Jonesing for it ever since. Argh. So want some, like, immediately!

  4. Did you precook the bacon? I would think, that if the bacon was not very thin that it would not be cooked all the way. Did you make Gravy?
    Let’s get together and have a Gravy Party!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeahhh!

  5. Hey CB, nope, no precook. The oil was so fricken hot, 375, it only took a few minutes to cook it PERFECTLY. Poke, poke, poke and it’s done.
    Naw, no gravy this time, no taters or rice to go with. It was just an impromptu thingy, is all.

  6. Hey Tommy,
    It was a quart of oil I got for spending 30 bux at my favorite Latin market. Oddest thing I’d ever seen, it was a blend of corn oil and canadian ola. Seemed a fitting end.

  7. Is there really such thing as a Gravy Party?
    I love the idea of cream gravy on these. I am unattractively proud of my gravy skillz.

  8. Just when I thought I had reached the limits of my tolerance hearing about bacon on the internets … you took it to that one final, impossible place. You have renewed my faith in its holiness. Spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch.

  9. Hey Sean, I thought the same thing when I posted it. Years behind and who the HELL cares about another deep fried bacon post. But the picture came out okay and decided to put up a little homage.
    Hey Cookie, Gravy Party! Well, der. Have “plans” for a Deep Fry party too! I’ll fire up my 66k btu propane stove, heat up 4 gallons of oil and everyone bring something to deep fry. Years ago, Shuna suggested that we teach a Biscuits & Gravy class. Just so you know, I’d be doing the gravy part.
    xo, Biggles

  10. Pfft! Try making it chicken fried bacon and maybe I’ll be impressed. No, wait, can I change my mind? I am impressed, hell deep fried anything, anything involving bacon……..but I still want the chicken fried, and can’t get it out of my mind.

  11. I had a Deep Fry Party at my apartment in Chicago. One 60s-vintage fryer, one 90s-vintage fryer, 20 people, and lots of joy. We did chicken (tenders and drums), catfish, pickles, tempura veg, twinkies, some sort of odd biscuit/fruit dessert thing, and I forget what else. We tried to fry a Reese’s mini cup but it melted out and all we got was ridged batter — thicker batter next time. The point is, even if your apartment smells like oil for days and your guests have indigestion (wusses), there is, empirically, NOTHING more awesome than a party made entirely from deep fried food plus alcohol.
    I need to try country frying some bacon.

  12. Uh sorry, there’s no way I could pollute lovely bacon or my family with grain/gluten (and oil if it’s vegetable oil). I’ll stick to the pure stuff – bacon and natural fat – it doesn’t get any better than that.