The Famous Burro – Marathon Texas – Drinking !!!

famous burro 1.jpg

Editor’s Note: OoOOoo, drinking booze in Texas, ain’t that just the best? JLee & Joe Bob head in for some cool refreshing beverages.

This place doesn’t serve food til 6pm. We got here at 5. Decided to drink for an hour. Only a couple other people there, so we got to hog the bartender. Matt, the NICEST bartender in West Texas. (see him at their website) Had a great selection of everything. I had my first Shiner Bock ever. It was frosty goodness. A shot of Macallan 18. Tried some local made pale ale from the tap. Then we ordered food. Hmmm. I had roasted pork, Joe Bob had chicken curry. Maybe it was an off night for the chef, we’ll leave it at that. Back to drinking. A tasty cocktail of vodka, citrus, and some thing I can’t remember. It left a real good taste in my mouth. I’ll go back there, try some other dish next time. Great place to sit and drink for a whole evening.
The Famous Burro
Marathon, TX
(432) 386-4100

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