Cottage Pie – Meathenge used ingredients to actually cook something!

Yeah baby! I cooked something! Even got a few pictures worth posting too. Sure, it’s no Bacon Tamales like Chilebrown of Mad Meat Genius just did. But I was so inspired by Jerry of Cooking by the seat of my Pants recpie for Cottage Pie that I couldn’t resist.
I ran across the post a few weeks ago and thought to myself, I could totally cook that. Brown ground beef with goodies, make mashed taters, assemble, bake in hot oven. Yeah, it took me a few weeks before I would attempt such a feat, but I did it. Now I own its soul.
You already know how good they are and how easy it is to prepare, so I won’t go in to the gory details. It came together in a few minutes and I jacked the oven’s temp over Jerry’s version to 450. Z and I ate the entire pie it was so good, so perfect. I’ve always been a fan of the saying, “Less is More.” But now I’ve proven it yet again to myself, it’s true!
Oh boy, I can still taste it, smell it crisping up in the oven, ungh. Wanna see that again?

POW !!!

xo, Biggles

15 thoughts on “Cottage Pie – Meathenge used ingredients to actually cook something!

  1. Oh, c’mon now, fess up with the details, ’cause I think that’s a dish I could try and not totally mess up! Did you add other veggies? Looks like I see some carrots and tomato in there. Also, how did you do the potatoes? Can definitely see how this would disappear in one sitting! A real ymmmmmmmm!

  2. I just looked at the pictures just now and revisited it once again, oh yeah.
    Hey Babs, I put a link in the post to the recipe. Got onion, garlic, carrot, celery & thyme. Then just make mashed potatoes, assemble the sucker and pop in to the oven! It’s true love.

  3. OoOoO, just had a thought. What if the taters were substituted for a gummy Asian rice, then browned? Add some mushrooms to the meat mix with a little gravy action? Oh boy.

  4. What is this, Gluten-Free-Henge? I’m there!
    Actually cottage pie is in my arsenal. Make it all the time. And when I use lamb, it’s shepherd’s pie. Baa.

  5. Initial thought, Shepard’s Pie. Factoid from ‘Pants’ says otherwise. Learned something new on the Henge today. Goody.

  6. I’m with you on the next to no cooking (and even less blogging) end of things.
    I DID cook something post worthy on Sunday but I said “F that” when it came to taking pictures and writing about it.
    Tonight I’m eating a frozen Chile Verde burrito and maybe some cereal later.

  7. Icooked this recipe last night, but added pork gravy and roasted red bell pepper (we had traditional dinner(ham) on the 24th. We truly love it alright, soooooooooo good!
    Will try to cook this recipe again with ground pork and ham.