Meathenge turns 7 years old!

That’s right, snoozy little Meathenge turned 7 years old on May 29th 2010! Pretty cool, eh?
Not much going on at the Lab these days, obviously. The boys are getting out of school for the summer this week, so hopefully will be able to get back to grilling and smoking my brains out. I have been sent a fancy outdoor cooker for review and have been using it quite a bit. The chicken breast you see above was rubbed with kosher salt, then smoked. So juicy, so tender.
Other than that, boring. So, celebrate with me and hoist a strip of bacon to thine mouth. Happy Birthday Meathenge!
xo, Biggles

17 thoughts on “Meathenge turns 7 years old!

  1. Happy B-Day to one of my favorite blogs! (And on my wife’s B-day, how cool is that?) Keep it going Biggs! XXXXOOOO

  2. I thought the Druids built Meathenge hundreds of years ago….
    Oh, nevermind. Happy Blogiversary. Great color on the chicken.

  3. i love your site! i already want to cook with you!! i know i will be on this site often! maybe we can do a his/hers version cook off some day…. xo (funny that you us “xo” cuz i do too! are you my long lost twin brother?? i was hoping i had a secret family somewhere. ha ha
    norah selene

  4. Happy Bldg B-Day Dr. Biggles. Looking forward to many more meaty entries (pun INTENDED).

  5. Happy Birthday dear! Congrats on 7 years- quite the achievement.
    Cheers to more Meathenge years to come eh?

  6. “knock , knock—rap, rap rap–is this mike on? ok…..”
    “Anna now ladies anna gentleman it is time to a getta down and a getta funky and wish Dr. Biggles and his amazing blog a happy seventh birthday!!!
    …anna one, anna two, anna three! ‘Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy BIIIIIIRTHDAAAAY dear Meat HENGGGGGEEEE! Happy Birthday to You! (and many more!).”