Mile High Biscuits

I believe this marks about 15 Cook’s Illustrated magazines I’ve received so far. And this recipe is the first of anything I’ve found of any use out of that rag. I know I know, many people just ‘love’ to rave about it for one reason or another. Each issue I find a handful of things that make me see red. I’m willing to put down the boxing gloves for a moment because my wife and I are suckers for biscuits and this issue had a recipe worth taking a look at. Yum.

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Easy Bake Oven Bake Cake update

Back on April 30th I posted something about working with E’s new Easy Bake Oven. He and I worked through a few things such as cookies and a heart shaped cake. I ran in to a few snags, but I have to say it was an awful lot of fun. Well, last week we ran out of ‘mixes’ and figured we would order some replacements online.
Nah, we found them at Toys R us a few days ago and last night Mama and E made a cake. E wanted me to do it, but it was Mama’s turn this time. Besides, she’s the baker.
During this adventure, she found out that one door is smaller than the other (scraped the top off the cake) and you need to make sure you push the cake all the way in. This means I’ll be taking it apart, again, and scraping the interior clean.
Drop what you’re doing and go git one of these things, they fun !!!

Adventures in Easy Bake Oven Land

Tiny E received an Easy Bake oven for his birthday this last weekend. Pretty cool stuff. First off we noted that one needs a 100 watt light bulb and not a Soft White one either, mark that one down for the grocery store. It comes with little cake tins, one shaped like a heart and the others were round. Some interesting purple colored pushy push push stick and some stickers to make it look like a real oven. You know, buttons and timer and handle. It believe it was Tuesday that we finally had the correct light bulb and E knew. It was time to start cooking with light.

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Fresh home made bagels

Fresh bagel time !!!

I’m not sure what prevoked her, but my wife made fresh bagels on Saturday. We’d never made them before, maybe it was the conquest of food untried that set this baking frenzy into motion.
As near as I could see she opened up The Joy of Cooking for the recipe. It seemed straight forward enough. Make a dough using … ingredients, let it rise. Then make some little logs, and then make rings from those logs. Let those rise too. Heat up a pot of water and boilem’ for a bit. Then pop them into the oven after wiping a little eggy wash on them.

I liked them a lot.

Baked Apples

Nothing says the weather is getting cooler liked a big ol’ batch of baked applies. Do what you see and cook for 45 minutes at 350. EASY. Don’t use margarine FOO. These apples are Red Delicious and came from my Uncle’s trees.

Fresh Bread & Bacon

Alright, so we didn’t make bacon last night. But M made two loaves of fresh wheat type bread. We needed bread for the kid’s lunches today and were OUT. So instead of heading off to the local hag store for nasty crud bread she made it. No dumb bread machine either. Dumb machines. YOU GOT HANDS !!! Use’m foo.

Fresh Bread

I’m sure you all must be getting tired of seeing week after week of fresh bread. Keep in mind we not tired of EATING IT !!!!! Again, no dumb bread machine here people. HA !!! I HAVE FRESH BREAD TO EAT !!!!


Hey don’t that look FINE? There’s fresh home made bread, and not with a bread machine either. Oh man it was good. Okay well it still is.